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Belts combine function and beauty. They fulfill a basic need while at the same time serving as the body's aesthetic centerpiece.

Earrings don't pin your ears to your head and a necklace doesn't anchor your neck to your shoulders, but a belt will truly help you keep your pants on, when that's the goal. A good belt will perform this function in style, giving the most casual outfit an intentional quality.

When paired with the perfect buckle a belt can do much more than this: it can become a powerful personal statement.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? In the space of a glance, a buckle can communicate who you are or wish to be, what you stand for, what inspires you.

It can bear your totem, your talisman, your emblem, logo, sign, crest, motto, or symbol and through the day renew your strength.

Here are some of the hundreds of buckles I have made since I started this business in June 2012.


Every buckle base features a hook and D-ring, allowing you to pair it with any snap-on belt strap up to 1.5” wide that is listed in my online Etsy Shop or elsewhere. My buckle designs are sealed with an epoxy resin, which creates a durable, luminescent surface. 



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